Torniture e Fresature



  • The M.C.E. TORNITURE E FRESATURE was founded in 1998 as a company focused on the assistance of neighboring companies, investing in machines and manual tools.
  • With the passing of the years new requirements have arisen, such as the speed of production and the precision of the workmanship, so the company has evolved to meet customers by moving to CNC machines.
  • Today the M.C.E. TORNITURE E FRESATURE is able to offer high precision machining of small and medium series and is also evolving in the construction of machinery designed on customer request.



 300x200CentroLavoroARGO A 90 110  ARGO 320 240

Centro lavoro "ARGO A 90/110"

Centro lavoro "ARGO A 90/110"


 BENELLI 2 320 240  BENELLI 320 240

Centro lavoro "Benelli"

Centro lavoro "Benelli"


 BRIDGEPORT 320 240  MCM serie ATL logo

Centro lavoro "Bridgeport"




  • Quality and service have always been among the primary objectives of the M.C.E.
  • As our production potential grows, our company has equipped itself with tools able to guarantee and certify excellent performance to increasingly demanding and qualified customers.